Malta’s PIF & De Minimis Rulebooks: bootstrapping your start-up

Authors: Christopher Mallia
Published on February 20, 2014
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Practices: Investment Funds, Investment Services Regulation
Starting a hedge fund is easy. Rent a one-room office, rope in a couple of analysts, spread the word in the right circles and before you know it you’ll have more seed capital than your strategy can house. Workable ideas and elbow grease quickly become competitive advantages, absolute returns abound and performance fees will pretty much make themselves. Except that’s not how it works at all.

Banking and Financial Institutions Newsletter – Issue No. 3 (February 2014)

Authors: Conrad Portanier, Leonard Bonello, Lorraine Poole, Beppe Sammut
Published on February 5, 2014
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Practices: Banking Regulatory, Derivatives, E-Money & Payment Services, Financial Markets Regulation
The third issue of the Banking & Financial Institutions Newsletter published by the Banking and Finance team at GANADO Advocates is available for download from the link below.