The practice that gave rise to what GANADO is today started off originally as a typical Maltese law office, customarily made up of a sole practitioner, with other lawyers in the family supporting and taking over from one generation to the next. The first Ganado lawyer was Luigi Ganado, later Judge (1833 – 1903), the father of Edgar Ganado and Robert Ganado, both lawyers and later Judges. In his early years, Edgar Ganado (1884 – 1960) entered the law practice of Avvocato Massimiliano Debono (1850 – 1932), his father-in-law, before becoming Crown Counsel at a time when Malta was a British colony, and later Judge.

Some years later Edgar’s son, Joseph (b. 1925), continued the practice when he returned to Malta from his PhD studies at the University of London in 1951. He set up office in the Valletta building we still occupy today which even now forms the core of our office premises, though made up of several buildings (some built during the time of the Order of St. John) and recently renovated to blend functionality with the Order’s mannerist architectural style.

The firm, as structured today, finds its genesis in 1983 when Professor Joseph Ganado, his nephew Philip Bianchi (b. 1949) and his son Max (b. 1959) then created Prof. J. M. Ganado & Associates, Advocates (later Ganado & Associates, Advocates, when Professor Ganado retired). As its maritime practice grew significantly in the 1980’s, the firm shed its family ownership and admitted more partners, with initially Adrian Gabarretta, Louis Cassar Pullicino, Stefan Frendo and Adrian Borg Cardona.  Since then, the firm experienced considerable growth over the years, notably after the launch of its financial services practice in 1994 which was, in turn, further catalysed by Malta’s EU accession in 2004.

The Times of Malta (29 May 2016) published a tribute from the University of Malta to the memory of Prof. Joseph M. Ganado, the founder of this firm, who passed away in 2016. The tribute is being reproduced below.

Professor Joseph Max Ganado

University of Malta writes:

The University of Malta would like to pay tribute to Professor Joseph Max Ganado, who passed away recently.

Prof. Ganado came from an illustrious legal family. He joined the University in 1939, graduating LL.D. in 1946. After a period of time practising in Malta, Prof. Ganado travelled to the United Kingdom to read for an LL.M. and then a Ph.D. at University College, London.

In 1950, he returned to Malta and was appointed lecturer in Roman Law at the University of Malta and Professor of Civil Law in 1961.

Prof. Ganado continued to work as a lawyer, becoming advocate to HM Forces in Malta in 1955. Over many years he handled myriad cases in constitutional, civil, commercial and maritime law.

Prof. Ganado also found time to publish, from papers in the law journal of the Law Students’ Society, of which he was a founder member and president for several terms, to academic papers on particular legal issues. He also liked to write biographies and had encyclopedic knowledge of important Maltese jurists and legislators. However, all through his working life, Prof. Ganado dedicated a substantial amount of time to lecturing at the University and also served as dean of the Faculty of Laws.

The Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta bestowed its first Academic Excellence Award upon Prof. Ganado for his outstanding work in the Courts of Malta and at his alma mater.

Prof. Ganado will be remembered with admiration and affection by the many hundreds of students who followed his courses and by all those lawyers who had occasion to benefit from his undoubted legal erudition.