We define ourselves as a team of lawyers sharing a very high level of commitment towards professional excellence, ethics and collegiality.

Integrity, responsibility and loyalty are critical values for any team member on a personal level. On a professional level, preparation, creativity and an aptitude for problem-solving are key goals for the development of a lawyer’s skills.

Teamwork and collegiality are basic tenets of both the culture and the philosophy of our firm, and accordingly, mentoring and continuous training are undertakings to which we dedicate time and energy.

Our ownership structure is a shared one, with all associated lawyers being self-employed, working and striving for the team and not for themselves alone.

The pursuit of academic interests is for us a clear and unequivocal goal, and we run a recruitment policy favouring lawyers having post-graduate qualifications.

Specialisation is another hallmark of our firm, which numbers among its own several of Malta’s leading lawyers in the specialised areas of law that have burgeoned over the last three decades.

We believe that we have a moral obligation to give back to the community and accordingly regularly support charities, voluntary organisations or other good causes whether with donations, fund-raising events or legal assistance. Equally, we believe that we have a duty to protect the environment for future generations. A copy of our Environmental Policy Statement can be found here.