GANADO is a team of lawyers, other professionals and administrative staff working together with a set of clear values: excellence, collaboration and commitment to clients and learning. We work together to achieve the best results in terms of client satisfaction. We help and teach each other the best in terms of legal thinking and innovation, the best in values and integrity and the best in performance. This has resulted in a great reputation and opportunity for anyone on the team.

Anyone joining GANADO is welcome to participate in all that is happening throughout the firm, in the specialised fields of service that we offer. New starters are exposed to the latest incoming jobs and upcoming work, under the necessary supervision of the partners and associates who ensure variety and responsibility from the get-go. The work at GANADO is very varied but also specialised and ranges from advisory to legislative drafting, from litigation to dispute resolution, commercial contracts to setting up legal organisations, leases and property purchases to derivatives and other complex financial instruments, regulatory to private trusts.

The firm also provides intensive training to all joining, as academic excellence is always expected. Training opportunities continue throughout the careers of any member of staff and the firm’s educational efforts do not stop at any time. Indeed the Institute for Legal Studies (ILS) was established specifically to ensure that continuing legal education was available to us at GANADO and others as well.

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