Dr Max Ganado, Senior Partner at GANADO Advocates and Dr Leonard Bonello, Senior Associate at GANADO Advocates, will be speaking at a session organised by ILS about Blockchain and Smart Contracts on 7th November at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana.

The session will be aimed particularly at legal professionals who have little knowledge of the concept and so will introduce basic terminology and concepts related to these new disruptive technologies and their use. The emergence of Blockchain and Smart Contracts will have a widespread effect on many industries, including the legal profession amongst many others.

Other speakers will include Mr Steve Tendon, Director at TameFlow Consulting Limited, Dr Ian Gauci, Partner at GTG Advocates, Mr Loui Mercieca, Technical Blockchain Advisor, and Dr Abdalla Kablan from the University of Malta.

Dr Ganado will review the basic terms and concepts as well as provide a review of the historical perspectives and possible future uses of Blockchain. Dr Bonello will give a presentation about the emergence of Initial Coin Offerings as a means of financing commercial enterprises.

The event will welcome all interested in the legal perspectives relating to these innovations.To apply, submit the registration form provided on the ILS website, by clicking here.