The 3rd Annual D1Conf will be held in Malta over the 5th and 6th of November. The conference will be bringing together innovative entrepreneurs in the insurtech industry who, through a number of workshops, will hear from and interact with organizations specialized in the creation of decentralized apps, platforms, and protocols.

Several GANADO Advocates’ lawyers will be attending the event and Senior Partner Dr Max Ganado will be delivering a presentation on the second day entitled ‘Insurance and a new form of legal organisation for blockchain’ during which he will discuss recent proposals in Malta for a new form of legal organisation specifically designed for the operation of DLT and smart contracts. He will also share his experiences in analyzing how the granting of legal personality to a DAO could help manage liability by providing a clear point of recourse where damages or losses are caused to users of the technology. There are evident coverage gaps created by the particular risks posed by DAOs and similar arrangements, and the presentation will also aim to provoke discussion on how decentralized and autonomous insurance products could provide solutions to fill these gaps.

On the same day, Dr Ganado will also be joining a panel discussion entitled ‘Insurance as We Know it Won’t Exist in 10 Years!’.