GANADO Advocates hosted the first informal meeting of ‘Blockchain Malta’ on Thursday, 11th May. ‘Blockchain Malta’ is an interest group made up of professionals from divergent industries and practices, who focus on Blockchain technologies and their broader use cases in Malta.

During the meeting which was moderated by Blockchain expert Steve Tendon, from Tameflow Consulting, the attendees, including consultants, bankers, software developers, Blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, raised numerous viewpoints and insights about the concept of Blockchain as well as proposed innovative approaches which Malta can adopt to become an attractive player in this emerging technology.

Dr Max Ganado, Partner at GANADO Advocates, who recently also participated at FinanceMalta’s latest educational clinic about Blockchain Technologies, asserted the importance of establishing such knowledge-sharing fora whereby participants disseminate information and share ideas on innovative financial technologies.

Dr Ganado further stated, “We were very happy to support the initiative taken by Steve Tendon and Chris Vassallo after Steve created a LinkedIn group ‘Blockchain Malta’. We will support the creation of an association of persons interested in the subject which can act as a promoter of important ideas in this area. As a law firm focused on the development of new business opportunities we have been focusing on this area of technological development, particularly Fintech, for the last two years. We see this development as important for Malta’s future as it overcomes Malta’s geographical position and limitations.”