GANADO Advocates, in collaboration with Deloitte Malta and Alter Domus Malta, organised the first Asset Management Forum on the 23rd of October.

The conference, which profiled participants from the MFSA, GANADO Advocates, Alter Domus and Deloitte, was aimed at giving industry players the opportunity to explore legal and regulatory developments affecting the operations of fund managers. A number of practical issues were discussed, including valuation of assets, compliance with reporting requirements and the supervision of asset managers, and other matters which are at the core of the operations of fund managers. The panel discussions enabled the attendees to actively participate in the discussions and to share the concerns faced by asset managers in the current regulatory environment.

Dr Andre Zerafa participated in a panel discussion on regulatory developments, focusing on the opportunities provided by the EU VECA Regulation and the upcoming Long Term Investment Fund Regulation. Dr Max Ganado explored the possibilities offered by local securities regulation and discussed the changes that might be required to stimulate the growth of the local capital market.

On a panel focused on valuation, Mr James Farrugia discussed the challenges faced by small managers as well as AIFMs when it comes to the valuation of assets held by collective investment schemes.