GANADO Advocates, in collaboration with MIMA, are organising a 6-session training programme covering a number of topics relating to the Insurance Distribution Rules.

A defined number of hours are allocated to each session and a certificate of attendance will be provided to each attendee indicating the number of hours, the topic(s) and areas covered. This programme qualifies as structured CPD training.

Details of the sessions within this training programme can be found hereunder:

Session 1
An overview of the European and Maltese regulatory framework
22nd January 2019 (4pm-6pm)

Session 2
The Conduct of Business Rulebook (1)
24th January 2019 (4pm-6pm)

Session 3 (continuation of Session 2)
The Conduct of Business Rulebook (2)
29th January 2019 (4pm-6pm)

Session 4
Applicable legislation, regulations and rules affecting re/insurance distribution activities
31st January 2019 (3pm-6pm)

Session 5
General Data Protection Regulation
4th February 2019 (4pm-5.30pm)

Session 6
General principles of insurance and the local insurance market
12th February 2019 (4pm-6pm)

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