On 29th October, blockchain developers, insurance professionals and insuretech enthusiasts gathered in Prague at the Decentralized Insurance Developer Conference (D1 Conf). The event provided insight into real-world insurance products, smart contracts, recent updates on prediction markets, claim management, securitization of risks, parametric insurance, legal frameworks, regulations and much more. Nicholas Curmi, from GANADO Advocates’ Capital Markets and Blockchain teams, joined a panel discussion on the relevance of blockchain to the insurance linked securities (ILS) market and how it might further facilitate the providing of cover to what are typically considered to be uninsurable risks.

“The key issue here is regulation. Unfortunately, innovation always outpaces regulation by a long way. Until we start seeing concrete opportunities, and they come to fruition, there will always be these regulatory issues that need to be looked at. Whether it comes from the EU or the US, regulation needs to catch up.” — Nicholas Curmi, GANADO

More detail from the event is available on Etherisc blog post.