Group Photo onboard Rig 2

The Shipping department at GANADO Advocates has been invited to form part of a delegation during a visit on board the oil rig ‘Deepwater Navigator’ on the 21st of March. Organised by Transocean, the visit entailed a show-round of the oil drilling rig and a detailed explanation of the rig’s operation. Dr Jotham Scerri Diacono and Ms Rachel Genovese represented the firm during this visit, amongst other delegates from MEPA and local ship agent Blue Hull.

GANADO Advocates has been appointed by Transocean – a multinational conglomerate specialising in global offshore drilling services – to assist with the recycling of a number of other offshore drilling oil rigs in Turkey. In the current challenging market for offshore drilling companies, Transocean are cold-stacking rigs in Malta while considering a range of options. Malta, a major player in the shipping industry, is for the first time involved in the trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste, being oil drilling rigs, to be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner in Turkey.