GANADO's legacy as a leader in the Maritime and Shipping legal fields is reflected in the active involvement the law firm has increasingly had over the years in relation to ship arrests and enforcement procedures in the shipping industry. GANADO has assisted claimants (in particular mortgagees) in enforcing their rights through the arrest, judicial sales by auction, court approved private sales of vessels and the filing of injunctions over vessels in the Shipping Registry, as well as ship owners in arrest proceedings, ship releases and counter-security measures.

With the growth of the Malta Flag, the firm is experiencing increased involvement in the arrest in foreign jurisdictions of vessels registered under the Malta Flag. To this extent it has advised clients on Maltese Admiralty Law and issues concerning privileged claims, their respective priority and possible courses of action.

Having been at the forefront in this field of law GANADO’s practitioners have been actively involved in the drafting of legislation which has proved an efficient tool in, amongst others, preserving the rights of mortgagees in the recent economically challenging times.