GANADO offers a broad spectrum of corporate and administrative services in conjunction with its corporate law advisory. It does so principally through its affiliated entities, Ganado Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited (licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a fiduciary and trustee) and Ganado Services Limited. They range from registered office, process agent, resident agent and fiduciary shareholder services to company secretarial services and the maintenance of statutory records, such as Registers of Members, Minute Books and the filing of Annual Returns and other statutory forms.

We regularly assist with the formation and registration in Malta of the several types of corporate entities that may be established under our law, including private non-exempt limited liability companies, exempt single member companies, public companies, investment companies with fixed or variable share capital, shipping organisations, partnerships en nom collectif and en commandite, European companies (Societas Europaea, which we were the first in Malta to register) as well as branches of foreign companies in Malta.

GANADO sees clients through the entire incorporation or establishment process, advising on structural and shareholding options and drafting the relevant constitutive documents, more often than not the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a limited liability company, and related contractual documentation, such as shareholders’ agreements, private placement memoranda and offering documents in the case of regulated entities.

We recognise that accelerated time lines are a direct and necessary consequence of commercial realities, and we accordingly liaise closely with the Registry of Companies to expedite the registration process and ensure turnaround is as prompt and effective as possible.

Our dedicated corporate services professionals attend and respond to our clients’ ongoing corporate administration requirements. We retain regular contact with them or instructing law firms to provide well rounded and timely corporate maintenance and legal advisory services.

We are able to source in-house resident individuals for engagement as Company Secretaries and sometimes also assist with channelling enquiries should clients wish to consider the appointment of local residents as company directors.

Our Corporate Services team offers infrastructural support for the holding of Board meetings in Malta. We help you plan for and organise meetings, locate suitable venues (at our office or outside it), prepare and organise documents and Board packs for presentation at the meeting or for pre or post-meeting circulation; provide full minuting services; and attend to supplementary organisational tasks, such as arranging for transport, meeting room facilities and office space for rent.


GANADO Connect

GANADO also offers a solution to manage your corporate documents. Powered by Autonomy, an HP company, GANADO Connect is a secure extranet, a virtual document depositary or retrieval room, giving users around the-clock access to their files (such as a company’s constitutive documents, the minutes of its Board and Committee meetings, resolutions, powers of attorney and contracts to which it is a party). As GANADO Connect is effectively a browser-based service allowing users to view documents relating to one or more companies, it can add value to a company’s corporate governance model. Subscribers to this service can benefit from:

• 24/7 self-service access to all corporate records, agreements and other proprietary information deposited there;

• instant access to and retrieval of documents;

• automatic encryption of content transmitted across the Internet;

• login name and password access to designated persons; as many as required and changed at any time;

• data regularly backed-up and firewall protected;

• user access to worksite limited to use – not purchase – of the system.

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See our brochure on Corporate Services & Governance.