GANADO has a leading and well-developed corporate practice. It regularly advises a broad portfolio of international corporate clients on commercial and corporate law matters and provides company administration support services.

Our law on companies is reassuringly familiar to legal practitioners and clients trained in or accustomed to English company law. The Companies Act, 1995 is broadly based on the U.K. Companies Act, 1985 and Insolvency Act, 1986, besides conforming to the EU Directives on the subject. The relative expeditiousness and contained costs with which companies may be incorporated or re-domiciled within a regulated EU member country are consistent draws for international clients, especially in the light of  Malta’s extensive network of Double Tax Treaties and a tax system which is particularly effective in certain contexts and circumstances.

While offering contextualised advice, we remain mindful of the need for prompt and effective turnaround. Our transactional work includes the negotiation, drafting and review of contract documents and the delivery of opinions on their validity and enforceability and on corporate capacity. While due diligence work is a primary focus of our practice, we have been engaged in several successful inward investment projects which often entail the continuing provision of legal and regulatory support over time. We represent not only private commercial interests but also the Government of Malta, public corporations and other State agencies in a number of projects. We work closely with our colleagues in other GANADO practice areas where teamwork is an axiom of our work ethic, and this is nowhere more true than with our colleagues in corporate finance and in tax, since a good deal of the corporate transactions we advise on are fundamentally tax-driven.

We have a strong professional rapport with the Registry of Companies in Malta – the competent authority under the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) – and habitually participate in or instigate initiatives for legislative change.