The need for effective corporate governance practices and procedures is increasingly featuring on our clients’ agenda – and that of supervisory authorities. GANADO’s Corporate Governance Team was formed in order to address this demand in a focused yet cost-effective manner. We assist corporate clients from different business environments to develop a corporate governance system that meets local requirements. The members of our Corporate Governance Team have the training and experience to assist companies with identifying and satisfying their ongoing corporate responsibilities.

Our Corporate Governance Team advises clients on the various laws, regulations and rules applicable to them and it also helps clients develop an effective and sustainable corporate governance system. Their areas of particular focus include company, investment services and insurance legislation, stock exchange listing rules, Board and Committee composition and terms of reference, fiduciary duties, codes of conduct and shareholder relations.

Our Corporate Governance Team also provides a company secretarial service to entities based in Malta. The lawyers and managers who provide these services are well-versed in company secretarial duties and procedures and are able to ensure that a company holds effective board and shareholders meetings.


GANADO Connect

GANADO also offers a solution to manage your corporate documents. Powered by Autonomy, an HP company, GANADO Connect is a secure extranet, a virtual document depositary or retrieval room, giving users around the-clock access to their files (such as a company’s constitutive documents, the minutes of its Board and Committee meetings, resolutions, powers of attorney and contracts to which it is a party). As GANADO Connect is effectively a browser-based service allowing users to view documents relating to one or more companies, it can add value to a company’s corporate governance model. Subscribers to this service can benefit from:

• 24/7 self-service access to all corporate records, agreements and other proprietary information deposited there;

• instant access to and retrieval of documents;

• automatic encryption of content transmitted across the Internet;

• login name and password access to designated persons; as many as required and changed at any time;

• data regularly backed-up and firewall protected;

• user access to worksite limited to use – not purchase – of the system.

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See our brochure on Corporate Services & Governance.