Recognised by clients and industry commentators as a sector leader in Malta, we apply our market knowledge, experience and insight into applicable regulatory frameworks to help issuers and underwriters, both domestic and international, to originate, distribute and manage investment in debt investments effectively.

Our experience is broad-ranging, from raising funds for Maltese state bodies in U.S. markets, exchangeable issues for multinational corporations, domestic private placements and offers to the public for Maltese financial institutions to representation on asset-backed commercial paper programmes.

The capital markets team at GANADO is singled out by its ability to draw on considerable resources elsewhere in the firm, particularly in the tax, corporate, regulatory and derivatives areas.  Similarly, our involvement in drafting much of the country’s financial services legislation and representation of supra-national and regulatory and trade bodies on Maltese issues, gives us an unparalleled perspective on the market’s legal landscape.

Teamwork is emphasised in every aspect of our firm’s culture: combined with experience of delivering a service to the standard expected in the world’s major financial centres, we are able to assist in managing even the most complex transactions to close on time.