GANADO has pioneered advice in this area since the involvement of the first Maltese counterparties in the market. Representing the industry’s global trade organisation for OTC derivatives, we regularly deliver industry as well as private opinions on master agreements, exchange trading, repos and securities lending arrangements.

Adding to our long-standing representation of prime brokers and investment managers in this area, we have more recently been consulted on the impact of major regulatory developments such as the introduction of FATCA, the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation and EU Regulation 236/2012 on short selling and credit default swaps.  And whilst navigating an ever more complex regulatory environment, in 2012 GANADO advised on the establishment of two new regulated markets for Malta.

Providing up-to-the minute advice and helping clients deliver efficient execution depends upon maintaining close links within the firm.  The derivatives and structured finance practice is fully integrated with areas covering financial markets, insurance and banking regulation, tax and investment services and funds.  Each of these teams has experienced leaders in their field.