Traditionally, financial markets work in Malta was a very local affair – advising issuers and corporate stockbrokers on share and less frequently debt securities listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. However, this decade has seen a step change in the activity levels, opportunities, complexity and international influences surrounding the trading of financial instruments in or from within Malta.

We have experienced explosive growth in the number of investment funds and managers regulated in Malta and a similar increase in licences issued to insurance vehicles with their investment managed here. This was combined recently with a rapid advance in regulation covering the activities of hedge fund managers, UCITS, credit institutions and financial vehicle corporations, the capitalisation of insurance undertakings and prevention of market abuse.  Together these factors have made advice on investment in, the trading and operation of and issuing on and reporting to financial markets an increasingly important part of GANADO’s offering.

Neither have Malta’s home grown markets been caught napping:  In the last several years we have seen the Stock Exchange commence operations as an interconnected central securities depositary able to participate in fund clearing operations as well as the establishment of the European Wholesale Securities Market in Malta.  The Malta Financial Services Authority is currently considering applications for the establishment of other new regulated markets.  GANADO has been involved in all of these projects as well as the development of local regulation applying to them. This unrivalled experience, together with close links between the team and related practice areas gives the firm a raised profile in the field of financial markets advice.