GANADO has significant experience in advising shippers, freight forwarders, carriers and consignees on matters relating to the international transport of goods, whether by sea, road or air. Malta being an island, this industry is deemed to be central to the economic activity and competitiveness of the country.

GANADO’s practitioners have assisted, and continue to assist on a regular basis, various major local industry stakeholders in all legal aspects of their trade, including disputes resulting from their contracts of carriage, bills of lading, consignment notes and related carriage documents. GANADO’s practitioners have assisted foreign clients in relation to claims arising from the international carriage of goods having a Maltese law dimension and regularly opine on the legal position of parties to contracts of international carriage of goods under the laws of Malta.

Advising clients on matters concerning international transport invariably tends to be intimately connected with matters concerning the international sale of goods. The legal services provided by GANADO in this area extend from advice on the position of parties to international contracts of sale with a Maltese law dimension, to the enforcing of one’s rights under Maltese law and in the Maltese courts, and eventually even in foreign jurisdictions through the mechanisms provided for in the European Regulations or other applicable private international laws. GANADO is able to draw on the support of various other reputable law firms situated overseas to provide clients with an efficient and comprehensive service.