GANADO provides advice on the regulatory aspects of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing legislation and regulations.

GANADO lawyers have assisted various licensed and non-licensed entities (including banks, trustees, fund managers, fund administrators, corporate service providers and other regulated and non-regulated entities) with respect to their regulatory and other anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML-CFT) responsibilities in terms of the Third European Union Money Laundering Directive as well as in respect of relevant implementing Maltese laws, regulations, procedures and guidelines.

GANADO’s AML-CFT team, also services clients by helping them develop internal compliance and risk management procedures and also by providing assistance in relation to complying with statutory requirements.

The AML-CFT team also assists subject persons who are subject to the applicable laws and regulations by advising then in respect of specific cases and assisting them in complying with their legal obligations.

The practice also delivers training as required under applicable AML-CFT laws for the purposes of enabling subject persons to comply with their legal obligations and also for the purpose of keeping-up-to-date in this ever-dynamic sector.

We also advise on restrictive measures pursuant to sanctions issued by the Security Council of the United Nations or by the European Union, and Maltese legislation implementing these sanctions.