GANADO is regularly involved in the redomiciliation or continuation of companies into and out of Malta and has developed a strong practice in this field. Over the past several years, we have collaborated closely with many lawyers and corporate service providers worldwide to ensure that the company continuation process allows companies to transition their operations effectively and uninterruptedly into their new jurisdiction of choice.

Companies continued into Malta gain direct access to its extensive suite of Double Tax Treaties, tax refund system and its participation exemption régime. Continuation in Malta is possible in respect of both licensed and un-licensed companies including public companies, authorised foreign trustees and fiduciaries, and investment funds.

GANADO also assists with the cross-border merger of EU-registered companies into Maltese companies. This procedure may be used advantageously as part of a process to ultimately redomicile non-Maltese companies registered in EU jurisdictions which might not otherwise have the option of redomiciling out of the EU. The foreign company merged into a resulting Malta company may in turn be redomiciled outside Malta by taking advantage of Malta’s continuation legislation.