Dr Anthony Cremona, the Partner leading the Trusts and Foundations practice at GANADO Advocates, has been elected as Chairman of STEP Malta during the Executive Committee meeting that was held on the 19th of July. The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning.

A founding member of the STEP Malta branch, Anthony has been a Committee Member since June 2013 and has been nominated as Co-Chair of the 2015-2016 STEP Malta Technical Committee. He is also an active member on the STEP Directory Editorial Board. On many occasions, Anthony was invited to speak at local STEP conferences on the subject of Trusts and Foundations law as well as at international conferences on the subject, including Transcontinental Trusts Conference in Geneva and the International Trust Congress in London.

Set up in July 1991 when the first STEP Council was appointed, the first Council meeting took place in September 1991, quickly growing to establish local branches first in England and Wales, then the rest of the UK, Switzerland and the Crown Dependencies, before expanding to Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and beyond and reaching 20,000 members worldwide in 2015. Today STEP is undisputedly the most important association worldwide in the field of trusts and estate planning.

By 2000, STEP had developed into a full-scale worldwide professional association, offering a range of qualifications and an extensive array of services for its growing membership, including conferences, seminars and lectures; publications and websites; as well as lobbying on behalf of its members on a national and international level.