It has been brought to our attention that emails from individuals claiming to be International Legal Representatives at GANADO Advocates are being circulated to a number of firm clients and connections. In instances that we were made aware of so far, such emails are being sent by Gordon Attard (, Gilbert Vella ( or Mike Zammit (, with ‘Notice of Pending Litigation’ or ‘Notice of Intending Law suit’ as their subject line.

Please note that such emails are fraudulent and the senders have no connection whatsoever to GANADO Advocates. If you receive such an email, do not open its attachment and delete it from your mailbox. Also, please advise your lawyer or contact at the firm.

The content of such emails is being reproduced below, for ease of reference:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to inform you that our client wishes to file a complaint against you and your establishment. As expected, before we get involved in any International civil suits, we are required to contact you so as to get in touch with your legal team before we can.

All the details for this filing are attached to this email and you can have your Legal Representative reach us for further clarification.

Please note that there may be others sending out such fraudulent emails, which instances we may not have encountered so far.