The Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (Establishment as an Agency) Order, 2014 has just been passed establishing the Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit, an Agency intended to carry out functions related to the design, implementation, and dissemination of water, conventional energy and alternative energy policy.

This is a first for Malta and addressed the country’s concern as to our dependency on fossil fuel and the islands’ issue of water scarcity and the depletion of the water table. The Unit is intended to develop and coordinate conventional and alternative energy policies together with water policies and to ensure good governance, and mainstreaming across Government Ministries.

The functions of the Unit shall also be the monitoring and reviewing of conventional energy and water conservation policies in accordance with European Union and International Laws and standards. The Unit’s role encompasses the function to educate and inform on the use of alternative energy and energy policies.

While we believe that this Agency has a fundamental role to play in the conservation of water, as an important natural resource, we augur that it will also play a pivotal role in climate change adaption.

For further information contact Dr Jotham Scerri Diacono or Dr Lara Pace.

The complete Order can be found by clicking here.