For a long time, there has been the feeling that Malta requires a common platform to coordinate efforts in relation to the aspirations and challenges faced by the sectors that make up Malta’s maritime industry. Whereas certain maritime sectors are very well represented, there has never been a holisitic approach in order to view maritime issues from a more broader perspective.

The main objectives of the Malta Maritime Forum is to provide a platform for the local maritime industry to promote existing maritime services and to assist in the development of new maritime activities. The Forum aims also at promoting research, education, standards and training within the Maltese maritime industry, acting as a constituted body to consult and be consulted by government in the development of public policies that can have a bearing on the Maltese maritime industry.

These objectives have been broadly established in order to ensure that the Forum is as inclusive as possible. Even though this initiative is largely industry based, the Government, as well as the other public authorities involved in the maritime sector, have supported this initiative which bodes well for the future.

Malta has already registered a high level of success within specific sectors and thus the responsibility of the Forum will be to harness these successes and seek to emulate them throughout the whole industry. By centralising Malta’s efforts, one would be able to properly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the sector and seek to reinforce the good which has been done, whilst establishing new standards to strenghten the weaknesses in the industry.

This initiative will embrace Malta’s strategic geographical position, as well as its vision of a maritime Hub hub of excellence.

The promoters of the Forum consider this development as a logical next step in Malta’s illustrious maritime tradition, which generations past have turned and developed into sound pillars on which Malta’s maritime industry stands today.