Acceleration of a debt obligation pursuant to an express contractual clause : A legal paper prepared by the financial law committee

Authors: Conrad Portanier
Published on February 28, 2013
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Practices: Derivatives, General Commercial & Contract Law, Secured Financing
The objective of this paper prepared by the Financial Law Committee is to provide a brief overview of the current Maltese legislative status on the loss of benefit of time of a debt obligation pursuant to an express clause in a contract.

Malta: Offering flexibility right down to the cellular level

Authors: David Borg-Carbott
Published on October 2, 2012
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Practices: Asset Management, Fund Custody, Investment Funds, Investment Services Regulation
Malta is often described by financial services operators who have chosen to set-up shop here as a flexible and business friendly jurisdiction. Over the years, Malta has sought to provide established operators and start-ups alike a legislative and regulatory environment that, whilst in conformity with European Union legislation, is in tune with such operators’ commercial needs.