MFSA Consultation Document on Knowledge and Ability requirements and Continuous Professional Development in terms of the Insurance Distribution Directive

Authors: Tanya Causon, Stefan Vella
Published on April 9, 2018
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Practices: Insurance & Reinsurance Corporate, Insurance & Reinsurance Regulation
On the 16th March 2018 the MFSA issued a Consultation Document on two additional chapters which will form part of a Single Rulebook containing all the Insurance Distribution Rules to be issued under the Insurance Distribution Act (“IDA”). This Consultation Document follows from the earlier proposed amendments to the Insurance Intermediaries Act (“IIA”) and the Insurance Business Act (“IBA”) for the purposes of transposing the Insurance Distribution Directive (“”IDD”).

A truly digital economy

Authors: Max Ganado, Leonard Bonello
Published on March 2, 2018
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Practices: E-Money & Payment Services, Financial Markets Regulation, Prevention of Money Laundering
Not a day passes that social media feeds are not inundated with tons of posts relating to cryptocurrencies. Typically, the views are highly polarised, ranging from how individuals have become overnight millionaires by investing all their life savings into cryptocurrencies to comparisons with practically every major financial crash in the history of mankind and opinion posts of how cryptocurrencies could drop to zero at any time.

The Possibility of Having Different Names for the Same Ship in a Bareboat-Out Registration

Authors: Jotham Scerri-Diacono, Jan Rossi
Published on January 17, 2018
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Practices: Ship Registration
We would like to highlight a useful feature of Maltese shipping law that is often overlooked by operators of Maltese ships. Bareboat charter registration (dual registration) has been a common feature of the shipping industry as it has developed in the last 10 years or so. Dual registration takes place for various commercial and operational reasons.