Blockchain: Some legal considerations relating to Security Token Issuance

Authors: Max Ganado
Published on July 12, 2019
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Practices: Fintech & Blockchain
1. Introduction and background

Blockchain hit the world in 2008 at the time of the financial crisis. It was a reaction to the context at the time. It was motivated by all sorts of political theories and social philosophies but promoted a technology which quickly started to inspire many because of its features and qualities. It had a lot to do with failure of trust in intermediation services by banks and investment services providers, gaining traction around the concept of disintermediation and cutting out the abuse of monopolistic sectors, including those appropriating private data to their own benefit. Decentralisation and autonomy were novel concepts with powerful appeal as methods to reestablish trust through technology.

VFA Agent – MFSA’s New Guard And Sentry

Authors: Leonard Bonello, James Debono
Published on September 20, 2018
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Practices: Fintech & Blockchain
The new legal and regulatory dimension of initial virtual financial asset offerings (VFAOs) which is shaping up in Malta seeks to unveil the legal uncertainty clouding the crypto market while safeguarding investors’ interests by mitigating the legal and platform risks therein.