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Brexit considerations for UK licenced Investment Funds, Asset Managers and Investment Firms passporting into Malta

Authors: Neil Bezzina
Published on July 16, 2019
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Practices: Investment Funds, Investment Services Regulation, Asset Management
Important dates to keep in mind
  1. Maltese collective investment schemes are to amend offering documentation and relevant agreements with UK service providers, to reflect any changes resulting from Brexit, by not later than 31 July 2019;
  2. Malta Temporary Permission Regime (“TPR”) to remain in force till 31 March 2020;
  3. TPR will only apply to clients/contracts on-boarded/entered into prior to 31 September 2019;
  4. As of 1 April 2020, UK licenced investment funds, asset managers and investment firms will be subject to laws relating to third country investment funds, asset managers and investment firms; and
  5. TPR will not cover new investors/clients on-boarded after 31 September 2019.

Could COVID-19 trigger a ‘force majeure’ event under a Maltese law governed contract?

Authors: Ria Micallef
Published on March 23, 2020
Practices: Investment Services Regulation
On 11 March 2020, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 has been declared by the Director-General of the World Health Organisation to be a pandemic in view of its global spread and severity. There is no doubt that this ongoing pandemic is posing significant issues and challenges for businesses. As the restrictions on movement and international travel in Malta tighten, it may be the case that certain businesses may start struggling to perform obligations under certain contracts and may consider invoking a ‘force majeure’ event.

Fintech: blurring the contours of banking and financial services

Authors: Leonard Bonello, James Debono
Published on April 8, 2016
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Practices: Banking Regulatory, E-Money & Payment Services, Financial Markets Regulation, Investment Services Regulation
Relatively unheard of before the beginning of this decade, the word “fintech” (financial technology) has swiftly established its place in everyday language and made it into the Oxford Dictionary. In fact, Bloomberg acknowledged that this term was everybody’s buzzword during the World Economic Forum held in Davos in January.