Industry reactions to the new UK Pensions Transfer Tax

Authors: Jens Buedinger
Published on April 10, 2017
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Practices: Pensions Regulatory
The UK’s controversial introduction of a 25% tax charge on the transfers from UK pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS1) has found backing from the Malta Association of Retirement Scheme Practitioners (MARSP). MARSP stated in a press release of the 10th March, 2017 that despite much of its initial criticism it is a “positive for Malta” and for the wider pensions industry, especially in Europe.

Insurance and Pension Newsletter – Issue No. 31 (June 2013)

Authors: Matthew Bianchi, Matthew Brincat, Elizabeth Ganado, Matthew Mizzi, Elaine Magri, Beppe Sammut
Published on July 5, 2013
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Practices: Insurance & Reinsurance Corporate, Insurance & Reinsurance Regulation, Pensions Regulatory
We are pleased to publish our latest Insurance and Private Pension Law Newsletter which the Insurance and Pensions Team at GANADO Advocates has been producing on a quarterly basis for the last decade or so.

As we all witness both regulatory developments (on a European and Maltese level) in both insurance and private pensions, it is imperative to keep up with the wave of change and to keep well informed of such changes. In particular, the newsletter will include:

i. Recent news on the local and European insurance and pensions market, including Solvency II updates;

ii. Legislative and licensing updates;

iii. Selected court updates;

iv. Analysis and focus of select local and European issues.

Reviewing the pensions paradigm: a disruptive opportunity? (Part 1)

Authors: Jens Buedinger
Published on July 27, 2017
Practices: Pensions Regulatory
In 1889, the first system of State pension provision was introduced by German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. At its inception the system afforded a pension to all those who attained 70 years of age, although the average life ex­pectancy was of around 37 years of age. With time, came advancements in medical and sanitary standards, but it also brought with it the challenges of people’s longevity and the sustainability of the pension system and the economy as a whole.

Reviewing the pensions paradigm: a disruptive opportunity? (Part 2)

Authors: Jens Buedinger
Published on August 14, 2017
Practices: Pensions Regulatory
As the dust has finally settled in the electoral arena, and the victors have taken their places at the helm of the country, the obvious question remains: what’s next for pensions? A quick view of the electoral manifesto of the now incumbent Labour government will reveal myriad proposals concerning measures that improve or boost the national pension system or ‘first pillar’. Once again these increases, tax cuts and exemptions in relation to pension income form the baseline of any electoral campaign and are for the most part well received by all the electorate.

Time to act on pensions

Authors: Matthew Bianchi
Published on April 2, 2013
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Practices: Insurance & Reinsurance Corporate
We’ve all heard that the pension system is a ticking time bomb. All of us under the age of 45 have resigned ourselves to the fact that, unless we think ahead, plan for our own retirement and put money aside now, we will be working far beyond our statutory pensionable age to support ourselves and our families.